Red Captain Games

Founded by an artist and a programmer, Red Captain Games aims to be leagues above.

SoulSmith: Forge your Destiny

Take control of a storm-ravaged universe with your friends as gods. Create your own creatures to fight, spells to conjure, and terrain on which to do battle.

SoulSmith is a game where you decide how a card gets to be played. Cards can be attacks, magic, flashes, terrain, or fixtures. Players draft cards from the pack, then create effects for their cards. But be warned, all cards are shuffled together before play, and your own secret weapon could be used against you.


We are Sean and Zach. We established Red Captain Games to help players bring to life the worlds and adventures that dwell in their imaginations. By providing simple frameworks for developing and refining your ideas, we seek to create unique experiences personally tailored to gamers of all skill levels. Come fly with the captain!

We make games for you, with you.

We will be crowdfunding SoulSmith very soon. Please send us an email to receive information regarding our company, events, new games, and upcoming opportunities.